A person or attitude that opposes all real estate development or other projects that would harm the environment or reduce property values.
Example Citation:
In trying to build new refineries, "you deal with NOPE — Not on Planet Earth. That's the mood. 'We don't want a power station," said Ron Oligney, an energy consultant and a co-author of "The Color of Oil: The history, the money and the politics of the world's biggest business."
— John Kirkpatrick, "Surging gas prices recall the '70s, but experts say it won't get that bad," The Dallas Morning News, May 18, 2001
Earliest Citation:
"The old 'NIMBY' theory — 'not in my backyard' — has been changed to the 'NOPE' theory — 'not on planet earth.' Everyone is ready to ship waste someplace else."
James Scherer, Regional administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Remarkable Remarks," Public Utilities Fortnightly, March 15, 1990
Today's entry is an acronym based on the phrase Not on planet Earth. This word is, I hope, the last word on these anti-development acronyms. After all, there isn't anywhere else for them to go. We've had NIMBY (Not in my backyard), NOTE (Not over there, either), BANANA (Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything), and now NOPE (Not on planet Earth). What's next, ZOOM (Zilch on our Moon) or HOOSS (Hands off our solar system)?
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